Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh, What the Rain Brings!

I've been sick about losing my American Elm and a big part of that was thinking that  my tiny pet's St. Augustine, would die because it's a shade grass.  Well, since the tree's been gone the other trees have stretched up and the past week of rain has left my lawn looking like a shag carpet from the 70's!  You can't even see the rock edging!  
 What is quite disturbing is this bird bath.  Before the rain it had a bunch of gunk on the I'm worrying about the quality of the rain.  What on earth could scrub a concrete fixture clean...other than say...acid?  I'm not sure what to make of this.
 On the other hand, the plants seem to be thriving...this is my second flush of chili petin!
 And...I've never seen blooms on the asparagus fern before!
 And, it's grown right out of the top of the chiminea planter!
They say we got between 5-8 inches last week over several days...which was just so amazingly lovely and cool.  All of the plants in the garden said ahhhhh.  Today, I had to get out there and cover the greens garden back up...2 days without rain and full sun...everything was wilty.

Once again I missed the Garden Blogger's Bloom Day so I'll just put the list here...this is what's blooming right now in my yarden:

prairie verbena
blue mealy sage
purple trailing lantana
eggs n' butter
coral vine
butterfly bush
butterfly weed
red yucca
Patrick's abutilon
ice plant
David's cuphea
Autumn sage
Pride of Barbados
Greg's mistflower
shrimp plant
Mexican honeysuckle
asparagus fern
passionflower vine
datura (moonflower)
Turk's cap
purple cone flower
pigeon berry
silver cassia
quince tree
crape myrtle
orange esperanza
firecracker fern
almond verbena
black and blue sage
chili petin

Post rain tally 39... a lot of this stuff wouldn't usually be blooming now.  The rain has been a blessing!

Happy Gardening!

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Kris said...

I so do miss the rain! I love how just a little bit turns the yard into heaven! And we had an odd thing in our pond. It was losing water, so we turned off one pump and now the water is CLEAR and you can see all the way to the bottom and it has not lost any more. We don't understand why turning off one pump would make the pond clearer, but there you go!