Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumn Showers

After Tuesday's storm the weather station pronounced this to be the second wettest September on record for Austin. There are new blossoms daily in the garden and I just wanted to showcase a few lovelies of the season...

Man's perch for rainy September days.

My suburban paradise.

Majestic Sage in her Autumn glory.

New growth on the Japanese Maple.

Martha Gonzales

Finally the Mexican Sage and cuphea are going wild, but what is hidden from this view is blooming curry, rosemary and cannas.

New gold lantana, ponys foot, crape myrtle, Mexican oregano and bulbine.

Pigeon berry, that came back from the garden tour last year. It was trampled by unaccompanied children and I thought it was gone!

Shot of the side garden...jungle...the passion flower vine has now reached the roof.

It's almost time to make the second batch of pesto. I use mostly the sweet basil but like to toss it up a bit with Thai and lemon basil as well.

The magically re-appearing sorrel...third year now. I always think it's finished in July, then...after a good rain, she lives.

A volunteer Datura on the mound, with bean sprouts in front of the cedar fence.

Eggplant flower, from the spring planting.

First of the fall fruits.

Autumn clematis in her fall bridal colors.

What's happening in your garden? It's a gorgeous day...I'm going to get out there and plant some more fall veggies and soak up some sun!

Happy Gardening!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September Bloom Day

I was up early this morning, couldn't wait to get out there and take photos...I wrote a whole story that was lost between uploading images and getting the kids off to school...oh well. I missed last month's GBBD because we were in the Davis Mts. and Big Bend participating in the Texas Hummingbird Roundup which was wonderful. I'm so happy to be back home because Autumn is my favorite time of year, when the relief from the heat makes everything magical again and the summer growth is deep and green and mature and the long wait for Fall color is on the verge of happening...any minute now...oh wait, we're in Texas. Scratch that.

My view of the culinary garden, where I take my morning coffee, and contemplate the day.

It's almost a year now that I've been watching the garden change, trying not to meddle too much. I put in 18 months of work to bring my garden to a point of readiness for a tour and the last 11 months I've been considering the next move, literally...we'll be moving in 3 years and I need to have this space, renter ready...easy to maintain, because I don't expect anyone to spend the time I've been spending in my garden. Loving spouse, and the daughters will all be finished with school and we will, as a our own directions, disperse, to return to this home at a much later date in time. So...I've watched things die, a lot of things. I haven't tried to help. My St. Augustine lawn, now in full sun refuses to give up...the bane of the neighborhood I'm sure (note to self: I should probably take down the "Conscious Gardening" signs as I do this...) and the Sycamore tree that was destined to become a goddess sculpture, decided to don a green dress and is unrecognizable. I intend to transform the front yard into a wildflower prarie with fruit trees. We'll see if that happens.

Heralding my favorite season...Fall Obedient Plant.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with this months's not too shabby for what's going on around here. I just love the monthly tally and for those of you who haven't checked out Carol's blog:
May Dreams Come

you must do so as she is the keeper of the list...the list of all of us gardeners who love participating in, and seeing what is blooming all over the world each month. This is her idea, and a fantastic one at that.


Mexican Sage, cuphea and Rosemary.

New Gold Lantana, pony's foot, white lantana and Mexican oregano.

Fall Obedient plant, Thyrallis, Texas Sage.


Magestic Sage

Red Yucca, skullcap, Autumn Sage and Provincial Lavender.

Forgive the fuzziness of this shot...the bumble bee was so fast! I missed the hummingbird that was working this same barometer bush, Texas Sage. Below is fall obedient plant and in the background blooming...almond verbena, which smells delicious.

Autumn Sage

More blooming sage...

This is a cheat...I snapped it yesterday afternoon because the Passion Flower Vine doesn't open it's blooms until the sun hits it...

This is the same vine this has 9 flowers on it, which you can't see yet. Also blooming in this shot are, purple cone flower, butterfly weed, and bulbine. The reason I put this in is to show how the passion vine has taken over a rose bush...and is halfway up my house. When Randy gave me a few of these last summer, I didn't believe him when he said they were invasive...I have them all over my side garden and backyard now, I can't bring myself to take them out though, they're so happy and the butterflies love them.

My Bob cat, garden cat.

I got a new digital camera for my birthday and haven't really taken the time to play with it properly, but this is it's "pinhole" feature on some bronze fennel.

Red Okra

Red Okra flower, I think they are stunning!

Check out the aphids on this Butterfly Weed!

Beans, I can't remember what kind...I just put them everywhere...I hope these will grow up the tree house, they get a fair amount of sun...we'll see. Dorothy has spotted a squirrel.


Oxalis and a simple philodendron, which came back from the roots.
A chewed up Turks Cap.
Pink Island, Mexican Petunia, or ruellia

Blooming onions and a tiny row of arugula. You can also see culinary sage, new onions, Melissa, Gregg's Mistflower and Rosemary in this shot...none of which are in bloom presently.

Tobasco Pepper

This is the spider web arbor that I drew up for Bob Poole of Draco Gardens to make for me...he took my chicken scratch of a sketch home and this showed up on my porch a few weeks later. There is nothing this man can't do with metal! I love it and can't wait for Cecile to bloom!

Volunteer Moon Flower or Datura. I lost my double purple frill this winter, but the white one returns yearly.

Other things blooming but not photographed:

Mexican Honeysuckle


Russian Sage


Fern leaf Verbena

Purple Lantana

Flame Acanthus

Rock Rose

Blue Mealy Sage

Chili Pequin


Crape Myrtle
I'll add what I've forgotten in the coming days to this list. There's just a lot going on, though my guiding thought is: simplify...things need to change. In June I found a home for the bunnies, and last week, Cat of Amlo Farms welcomed my chickens into her fold. We now have 4 cats (one feral porch cat, that will stay with the house) 2 dogs and a long line of beta's "Flash the Birthday Fish" will be our last one. The number of plants who can handle the Texas Sun and unpredictable winters will continue to diminish. There is an end in sight.
What's blooming in your garden?
Happy Gardening!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hi-hoe Hermine!

Well, after a summer of a lot of nothin' by way of gardening I mean...loving spouse and I roused ourselves just in time for the big one! We're terribly late, but just yesterday we finally put in our tomatoes, planted beans and chard and greens and did a whole lot of necessary cleaning up of the yard and today the storm hit!

I thought Friday's rain would have soaked the ground enough to stop the flooding...but my Croc's went floating off into the backyard just a few minutes after I snapped this shot!
I hope the seeds don't just float away!
Aw shucks, they're just beans!

I broke my rain gauge earlier this summer, but my neighbor says hers is showing 7 inches...I've been listening to the storm all day and it's been so nourishing to my dry bones! Yippie!

Happy Gardening!