Sunday, June 12, 2011

June Update...

Well, I'm leaving tomorrow for a 2 1/2 week drive up through the Pacific Northwest and haven't really had time to blog due to my daughter graduating, company, the loss of several people and planning this mother-daughter escape. But, I did want to throw out a few photos...more than are here, but Blogger isn't cooperating this morning so this is all I got!

The fabulous Bob Pool came by and built some stuff for me, but I'll be doing a story on him when I return. He did bring me these, supposedly Native Texas Tomatoes...seen above. He couldn't remember the name, but someone had passed the seeds onto him....and so he was passing them onto me, they are sweet and delicious and I'll be giving it a go next season.

This here monster is Chocolate Stripe...they are all this big and ugly, and outrageously tasty.

This is the Japanese Black Trifle, also mouth wateringly delicious.

Left to right, circular Purple Cherokee, Eva Plum, garden peach (yellow one,) Japanese Black Trifle, Brandy wine and in the center, First ladies.

Leaf miner damage has been minimum, but in the last few days the stink bugs have arrived...and in the side garden, I've got some mottling thing that's causing the leaves to turn brown and shrivel up...I don't have time to research this...and I hope they make it while I'm gone. We cut off the dead and threw away the carnage, did a deep watering and I foliage fed what was left with Alaska Fish Emulsion...cross your fingers!

I've also in the last two weeks had some splitting. We deeply water the tomatoes every morning, EVERY morning, and they are now mulched and sit in a terra-cotta tray that gets filled up to help maintain the temps...but 100 degree days, for weeks on end are just too much!

I am so going to miss this while on the road!!!

Because it's my favorite fruit! These are also my onions and basil...YUM!

Other things of note that I want to remember about what happened in June are we got our second delivery of mulch! I'm working on really building it up deep for future projects. We had a mystery plant is an orange Pride of Barbados...I have the yellow one, so this must have drifted from my neighbor Regine's yard and our square foot gardening beds are full of greens! Yea!

The beans are still in production, the peaches are ready but riddled with worms...since I'll be gone most of the summer, another trip in July as well...we're leaving them to the birds...and the fig and persimmon are looking mighty fine.

I hope you all are enjoying the cool mornings and I look forward to checking your blogs when I return!

Happy Gardening!