Monday, August 25, 2008

Survival of the Fittest

Fall Obedient Plant Plumbago
Crown of Thorns

Flame Acanthus Lantana

Pigeon Berry
The super invasive Mexican Petunia
Kumquat with giant Mosquito Mama

I've been told by the host of folks who took care of my home, plants and animals that I managed to escape Texas for the hottest of days. I got back last Monday night just in time for the rain...which followed us on our entire trip...I think I actually lassoed that storm and brought it home...with the help of the Goddess of course. We headed out west via the National Parks and Monuments of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and California. Oh yes, it rained in sunny Southern California...all 4 days. It also rained when we camped, hiked and attempted to take pretty pictures. It was all welcomed except the electric storm which had us shivering the entire night at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico, we could have done without that. We planned the drive to end up at White Sands on the full moon. The place is magical on any ordinary day...a natural wonder, the worlds largest gypsum dune field but by the light of the full moon it's supposed to be other worldly. Around 3am the sky temporarily cleared and we got a glimpse of the starry sky and glowing hills. Magnificent.

Anyway, a week later and I've nearly cleared the carnage in my yard. I'm always terrified to travel in the summer because of the heat and haven't in the past few years but we just needed to get away. This morning I got out and took pictures of what made it through the heat...true Texas stars in my book...

Happy Gardening!

Not surviving: African Wild Dagga

Various babies from the CBC nursery:(