Thursday, March 24, 2011

Three For Thursday

The Lady Banksia is my favorite rose right now. We planted her before we built the deck and pergola, then added Old Blush just over 3 years ago, they're almost meeting now.

Front pergola from below.

The front deck and pergola from the driveway.

The Lady Banksia up close.
Happy Gardening!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Equinox Project!

I've had a nasty patch of nandina that keeps coming up from under my neighbors yard. 'Said' patch has been removed 3 times over the last few years...always thinking I got the heart of the plant but I think I got it...isn't that color beautiful? agarita, so yellow.

It even looks like a heart. I actually think it's a pretty, but common little plant and I love the berries but it's so invasive, so difficult to get rid of that I took the step that I've sworn never to do...I donned gloves and touched a sponge soaked with RoundUp to it's severed root stem. I feel kinda sick about it but digging wasn't working and my neighbor doesn't mind it so...

I've had a plan for this area for two years now, ever since we lost the Red Bud that was at the center of the nandina patch. Today, the equinox was the day that all the work got done!

Loving spouse and I hit Lowe's and bought cedar, PVC pipe and all the hardware to set up two planter boxes. I'm not a fan of straight lines, especially the square as a design feature...but, it fit the space and I've always wanted a convenient way of using shade cloth and a place to grow winter greens safely and also be able to lock out the nasty squash vine borer early start stuff... shoot, so many versatility' it's easily dismantled and moved!
One box constructed...look at that proud smile!

All along the fence I carefully snipped the roots, but still we lined the box with cardboard and probably won't plant until fall...I half expect the battle to continue, that patch was there when I moved in 14 years ago, it's the last of the invasives in my yard! Yea!

After the second box is constructed it was time for the classic prairie wagon hoops.

We just got the 10ft. 1/2 inch thin plastic ones...they are sturdy but bend easily enough...I picked the stuff and place and got to do all the design/bossing around but loving spouse wielded the power tools on this project!

It takes two to get it done quickly...not two Boston Terrorists, though they seem to approve.

So satisfying to see it all come together...

And this is what it looked like this morning:

I honestly didn't think we'd finish that fast, or we would have gotten soil! Hmmm, soil. Last time we used Natural Gardener, I think it's time to give Geo Growers a try!
I hope you all are having a wonderfully productive spring and a very happy equinox to you all,

Happy Gardening!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bloom Day March 2011

What a beautiful today. 64, light breeze and sunny. I hope you all are having a wonder-filled bloom day, Thanks to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for hosting GBBD and being the inspiration behind the sharing. Welcome to my zone 8b garden in the heart of Austin, Texas, in the tenth year of my marraige to the love of my life, in this hear yard...Thanks for stopping by.

Rosemary and my favorite "hell zone" plant, hymenoxis.

I get so excited just before the buckeye bursts into coral blooms for a short visit.

Hello Martha Gonzales, the first rose to bloom this spring.

We are hoping for a beautiful crop of apricots due to the snowflake blossoms just fading now.

Oh peaches, you will be welcomed freshness in my morning yogurt smoothie, and Margaritas.

The Mountain Laurel in her gorgeous hues has perfumed my front yard like a sweaty palm holding purple Sweet-Tarts...that's what it smells like to me anyway.

By this afternoon, the cross-vine had opened a few of her flashy blossoms...she's calling to the hummingbirds, but we haven't seen one...yet.

Oh Lady Banksia, you are my buttery-popcorn favorite cheer right now...but you are oh so hard to photograph in all your showering delights

Old Blush, this is the first blossom, but this afternoon...over a dozen opened up.

Lady Banksia
It just doesn't translate...she's anchored the West side of the house.

Terrible photo, I know...but both figs are lookin' great...and this is after a transplant!

The simplicity of the arugula flower...the remaining plant from the entire winter garden, lost this year to weather...first time ever in my yard.

Loriapetilum or Fringe flower, from the Hazel, since I have a new neice named Hazel...this is her flower and I'm reminded of her sweet spark when I see it.'s the rest of my list:
Autumn Sage
Spider Wort
Carolina Jesamine
Fernleaf Verbena
The more exciting things in my garden have to do with what made it through the winter without help. I didn't pamper, other than watering thoroughly before the worst of the freezes and pushing the leaves up around the base of things. I brought my house plants in, but that was really it and I thought I'd lose more. The most surprising things that are coming back are the brugmansia and the Philappine Violet...I just figured they'd had enough. Part of being saved has to do with the many microclimates in a dense suburban yard and
enriched soil...which I am really bad at keeping up with.
I hope everything is magical in your yard!
Happy Gardening!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Love in the Garden

Me and Greg
So, this is Greg and I standing in front of our Mountain Laurel that we planted on this day, ten years ago March 11, was a Sunday back then. After we planted the tree, we went to Stubb's Gospel Brunch with our closest friends and family, came home and got married in the backyard.
That's how slow a Mountain Laurel grows.
I love you sweetheart,
Happy Anniversary and Happy Gardening!

Monday, March 7, 2011

March! Already?

Spring onions and compost tea.
Well, it's obvious that I've NOT been blogging, but I have been doing a lot of gardening...even though my goal is to (un)garden in order to help the upcoming renters along...but it's hard, really hard when the weather is nothing short of perfical and that mesmerizing green glow of the new sprout is shining through the setting sun with that flash of faerie dust that makes you think that winter was all a dream. I stood fast this winter, didn't pamper, cover, in other words...prepared for the worst and I lost big time. I am so very sorry that I didn't bring in my 1o year old Stag Fern, RIP you beautiful weirdness...long gone also are ALL my hanging on earth could they have made it? So, I have lots of hanging baskets if any of you are in the market. I just can't be bothered. The teens are doing their best to drive me insane and I know that we are leaving so I send a metaphorical kiss to everything I pass...I've become an urban farmer, thinking only of what I can eat...and what's tough enough to survive.

Still, I tarry. Pruning if a renter will? Luxuriating in the miracle of return...why does it mystify so? Something deep inside us all must scream...see you didn't kill me, life goes on! The soul of a gardener cannot be still. Even when I try to take steps away...I can't. Gardening is an addiction to life, the cure.
Happy Gardening!