Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spice from the Earth

Last year I got out there and snatched up all the chili petin I could before the birds got them...they got some, and the next batch, but I got a nice little Bonne Maman jar full.  Well, I still have a little bit of that jar left, and here comes then next round.  That's the kind of figuring out that I like to do...just how much spice do we require here?
So, I got out and picked them again...because they were great and I figured out just how many little orbs would add just the right amount of flavor to a crock-pot of something or other, or an omelet or a casserole.  That number is the same as adding cloves of garlic...by the way.
 We've also grown Kung-Pao chillies which will become Kung-Pao chicken...or for me...tofu.
 This is a salad I made for an appetizer to take to friends the other day.  The purple hull beans were grown by my friend Lesley, here in the hood...and the onions, thyme, Swiss chard, basil, tomatoes and peppers were grown by me...Balsamic Vinaigrette,  EVOO, salt and pepper...came from the store.
 The precious cilantro is all gone...but not the tasty bright seed... coriander.
 It took a long time to separate and I don't even care about the little twigs...they all taste the same...this will last a year or so, the rest will get thrown into the yard and hopefully bring some lovely green next year, or the next.
 This weeks bounty.  Peaches that became cobbler, and lots of flavors that will last long into the winter.
Kung Pao!

It isn't all about pretty flowers and meaty tomatoes...we all need a little spice to get us through!

Happy Gardening!

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Marc O. said...

Cheryl, how do you dry your kung pao peppers? I want to try and preserve some of my serranos the same way.