Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Pink Island

The pink island...with this years tomato crop

So, I'm reading Gaia's Garden...this time, from front to back and taking notes. I have Autumn's graduation party June 4th, then a few trips this summer and when I return, the work will begin...probably in late fall. We need two additional swales dug to stop pooling and waste. One will be under the rose arbor in the back for the new keyhole gardens that will replace the giant Mexican Ruellia massing in the middle of the yard. The other in the front yard extending from the side~greens garden to the walkway in front of the pergola.

When I moved in, the pink island was about 3'x3' and it just kept growing. I pull up and recycle at least the size of the island yearly...it's that aggressive. Plus it's traveled under the east fence and made a home in my neighbors yard and has to be pulled out of every bed in the yard. I'll take it down to a "C" shape around the Buckeye and the rest will be for food. I'll be employing a slow "sheet mulch method" after cutting down what's there (if anyone wants some of it, let me know and I'll give you a call in the fall before I begin.) This space is perfect for a food garden because it is protected from the West Sun by the American Elm in Summer and has beautiful Winter sun. I'll be facing the entrance directly aimed at the blue gate...from where the hose will come for watering and a second keyhole will be just across the walk.

Anyway, that's what's going on now...observing and planning. The front lawn is dying off without the shade of the Sycamore tree and wildflowers have taken over. I didn't get the trees planted that I'd planned on, now it's a blessing since the plans have been updated. I do need to find a source for native edible trees...I'm looking for che, pawpaw, Mexican plum and juju and will be researching more native edibles to be mixed in with the standard veggies.

I am very excited about the idea and in spite of projected plans to relocate in a few years...I'm soldiering on. I'm loving all the birds and butterflies that are finding a temporary home in my garden and am thoroughly enjoying spending more time, not less setting things up...hoping that one day the plants and arrangement will feed itself (and us) and require less of me and resources...but for now, I must stockpile mulchable stuffs!

I'm only halfway through the book...and still in the "observation" stage of planning. I'm thinking that the transformation will take several years because I work and am using the slowest method of building my soil. That being said, I'd like to put a shout out for organic material...I'm willing to drive out and pick up stacks of newspaper (we don't take it) and bags of "Texas Gold" ya know, oak leaves...but only send me a message if you have enough bagged up to fill my pickup. I'm aiming to turn my plot into an edible forrest for critters and people...cool my property and enrich the soil.

I hope you've got something exciting going on too! Thanks for dropping by and as always...

Happy Gardening!

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