Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day Project

I spent the better part of March and April trying to find homes for several shade loving plants, but also trying to rid my yard of "the pink islands."  A patch of Mexican Ruellia that just kept growing and growing until it became something like Cristo's artwork in the center of my backyard...after a rain that is.  Anyway, I finally got rid of one of the smaller islands to make room for....

Can you tell what it is??

It's a Sweet Potato Patch in the shape of a sweet potato with eyes!   Every mother's day I rally the troops to help me with a project in the yard...I usually forget to blog about it but it was such a satisfying endeavor, this time around that I just had to!  First we took out the ruellia, then we used the American Elm trunk pieces to draw the lines, using the bigger stumps for the "eyes." Next,  we emptied the compost, covering the fresh green scraps from pruning and then topped it off with Natural Gardener Garden Soil.  I've got to get her covered with mulch...yet.

And now, she sits and waits 'til the next planting season!  I love it when projects come together, and families come together...I just wish I could get my girls in the garden like this, everyday!

Happy Gardening!

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