Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Life of a Tree

So, here we are...a few months later...Juliette our fair owl left when I went  to Kansas City to be with my Mom.  It's been a busy spring, so we finally got around to taking the rest of the tree down...which is great, because ideas tend to come with time and dreaming.

 Robbie wants to do the honors!
 The fine saw dust is all around, but when the saw goes directly down, against the grain the wood curls.
 The revealing moment!
 And there ya go!  Two seats in one!
 The day is almost gone...but I've got a patio to build around the two chairs this weekend!
 And Juliette's owl house is saved and propped against the fence.
 All this on Autumn's first day home from college!  This was the girls tree and tree house, the reason I chose to buy the house in the first place!
And there is enough saw dust to cover the seed beds!  The plan is to allow the stump to dry out, then sand it down and varnish it so it'll last!  We love it and every single part of our tree has remained on the many cozy fires to come!

Happy Gardening!

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