Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Foliage Follow-Up...Sage Gray

For quite some time now, Pam of Digging has been running a catch-on to Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, entitled "Foliage Follow-Up" and this is the first time that I am participating.  I woke up this morning, realized I'd once again missed bloom day and decided to take a walk around my garden and assess the foliage situation...hoping for some inspiration, and I believe I found my favorite color, sage gray.

 This is the West greens garden...the side against the house is for pollinators, the space between houses is for fruit trees and greens.  Lots of gray, artemisia, heart-leaf skullcap and bronze fennel.  
 The gray in the above photo is my new smoke tree!
 Hazel can look gray when it's changing to summer red.
 In the morning light, fuzz on fountain grass looks gray too.
 Jerusalem sage
 Cardoon...looks so much like artichoke!
 Our beautiful Silverado Sage!
 A close up of the smoke tree!
 Texas Sage
 Prickly pear fruit...gray fruit!
 Lovely artemisia with heart-leaf skullcap, so soft and fuzzy and fragrant!
 These silver-gray mushrooms have been carpeting the mulch!
 I never get tired of using artemisia in the brings out the beauty in almost anything beside, inland sea oats.
And lastly, culinary sage.  This has been fun!  Thank you Pam for the eldest daughter is named sage, Autumn Sage, I LOVE Sage...and my question to you is...what's your favorite gray in YOUR garden?

Happy Gardening!


Linda/patchwork said...

Great foliage.
I love that smoke tree!

Sharrieboberry said...

I love the Powis Castle Artemisia in my garden. The blue-gray color is fabulous!

I also like Centaurea. It's more white than gray but is a nice contrast.

Sheds said...

Cool post! Keep on posting for more.

ConsciousGardener said...

Today I have more blooms in my yard than any other month ever...I think! Where is bloom-day when you need it? Seems like foliage day is everyday...thanks for reading my post ya'll!