Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Let It Rain

Woke up this morning to Thunder around 4am. Yahoo! I had planned to get out in the garden and do a bit of work but I've been saved by the rain. I've located 3 more places in my yard that I can put collection barrels, I need to have the gutter work done but once that's in we'll go get the barrels from the city. That will bring our total to 5. I know it's not a lot, had I the space, I'd put in one of those giant ones...but they do help! In the coming years water scarcity is going to become a huge issue and the more work we can all do to lessen the load now the better. I'm wondering where the public service announcements are? A few years back there was a push in the schools and kids were educated on conservation. My kids came home with a suggestion postcard that I've kept posted in the bathroom. It dons cartoon character walking a tight-rope made out of a waterhose named "Dowser Dan." The tips list: Turn off the faucet while you brush your teeth, soap your hands, take a 5 minute shower and to keep a bottle of drinking water in the frige so you don't stand there running water waiting for it to cool. The 5 minute shower is the toughest thing for our family with two teenaged daughters with hair down their backs. But we're working on it! The next step is to find a way for the CBC to collect water. The roof is flat and we aren't really sure where that water goes? We may need to look into a roof garden! I'm going over there now to see what's up!


mandy said...

I remember Louie (I think that was his name) the lightening bug who taught us about water and energy conservation in my school days. I wonder if he is still around. It was some of the best teachings that were instilled within me through public education, much more effective than the DARE program:)

Mariannell said...

Say, is that neat siding corrugated, galvanized steel-y stuff like the architects of Austin love? Aren't Lake and Flato big shots there?