Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Candid Garden

My best friend in town happens to be my next door neighbor. She's a professional photographer and beauty enthusiast. We've put together a

small hobby business entitled "The Candid Garden." We work as a team,

I'm the artistic director and she's the techno-editing-photo-genius and we
have only one goal. That is to show you in your garden looking the best as possible, and I mean beautiful. We come to your garden early in the morning to catch the golden hour of lighting. We work quickly and efficiently documenting what is abloom and you in your favorite clothes, nooks and spaces. We are adventurous and meticulous! e-mail me if you are interested. All photos on this site are of my garden, art, family and pets.


Think about what makes your garden unique, make a list of the "cool" stuff be it

plants, yard art, folk art. Decide if this is for you or
get your entire family involved. Pets welcome! Kids
welcome! We are still working on a variety of packages
available, complete with proofs and a high resolution
disc that you can print from yourself or take to a professional
photo shop for gallery quality images. Fabulous for
gifts. Show off your garden!

Mural of Bud and Dorothy on the back of my tree house.

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