Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday, in the Garden

Hello Monday.  I'm feeling good...the garden is looking great.  Yesterday I spent the better part of some 5 hours updating my resume and reviewing the past 5 years of my blog entries to prepare a proposal for a job that my dear friend Darlene passed onto me, thinking that I'd be perfect for...because she's an eternal optimist.  It took me that long to realize that I didn't want that job, on any level other than having the $ to pay off some bills.  It was a worthwhile undertaking though because I came to a lovely place of understanding...that elusive ideal that is temporary at best, because you'll only understand what you think you do now...later.  Anyhoo...I was to separate my posts into categories that would update a certain website...half way through I had only come up with one post that would work.  My blog is messy...I write all over the place about things I'm interested in...which isn't necessarily for the public, but just a means of playing, and adding beauty to the world and distracting me from the fact that I don't have an art studio any more and so I push dirt around, add physical texture and color to a 3-D experience that also enhances my neighborhood and nourishes my dinner table and provides me with childlike wonder that so many adults lack.
And, allows me a place to express myself.
A desert rose I picked up in the checkout line at Home Depot 10 years ago.  At that time, she was 1.99$ in a 2" plastic black square, 3 transplants up...she's my survivor...I've forgotten her in horrid weather, and lost huge parts of her time and again...yet here she is...looking lovely as ever.
Desert rose blossom
Do you see a simple drawing when you look at this?  I do, and because I do...I won't draw it.  I already did it...and that's enough.  Images of Monet's garden have been floating around the social network right's some kind of anniversary I suppose.  I would like to visit his garden, during the week when there aren't a lot of people present but I don't feel the need to stand in a museum looking at wall after wall of blurry paintings...ever again.
Greg's pimento.  I say Greg's because he stood in line at Sunshine Gardens to buy the starts and planted them...but left to him...they'd have shriveled up long ago...I'm the one who walks the garden daily, escapes into it if I don't like the energy inside...we've outgrown our house.
I seriously do not play enough with the features on my camera or on the computer...this is the first cluster of blossoms on the orange Esperanza I transplanted earlier this spring...I was trying to express how super dynamic and excited I was to see that color...I doubt it translates...who cares.
Bronze fennel is an amazing just keeps coming back and spreading and the swallowtails are plentiful as are the fritllaries and monarchs.  
After the addition this year, I'm going to plant this Meyer's lemon in some window view so I can watch the bees loving her blossoms up!
This is my cat, Bob.  He is the most affectionate creature.  Last Saturday we had a garage sale and Bob was the official greeter.  Several people walked back to find me to tell me that they were afraid that he was going to follow them home.  Hilarious.  This morning, on my jog I saw a poster about a lost cat and I always wonder how that can be?  Bob was born in my bedroom...his mom was a rescue cat that came with 6 cats inside her.  When I saw the stripy tabby come out, I claimed him...well, her is what we thought at the time and named her Daikini Fern...which became Daikini Bob.  I am down to 3 cats now...the last ones I'll ever have, because I've come down with Adult Onset Asthma and have since found out that I'm allergic to cats.  Cats find me, because I'm open to loving them and can't ever imagine one leaving of it's own accord.  I kick them out at night so they'll cat around and bring me little furry surprises in the morning and they sleep in the house during the day...unless I'm gardening.  Then they follow me around.  I wanted to write on that poster...what the hell did you do to your cat?  I realize that there are those folks who think cats are horrid and feel like they are saving birds by keeping them inside.  I can see why those cats would run away...I'd just hang myself if I had to be inside all day, every day...I think Bob would too.  He ain't going anywhere.  
I worry more about Bob getting the butterflies...which he occasionally does...but there isn't anything cuter than fat Bob pouncing in the flowers...he's terrific company...he never bores me by telling me the same story or nags me to do what he wants or thinks I should do...he just wants long hard effleurage and wet food.  All the massage therapists out there get this.
I'm glad no one wanted the girls twin antique bed at the garage sale, it's not for sale anymore...I love it.  I think I'll grow Indian corn in it next summer.
Come Summer Solstice, this gas lamp is getting a make over...stay tuned!
I dumped the end of a basil seed package out's what happened after I forgot about it.
This is the first blossom on this little cacti, that I've long since forgotten about...since I bought it at Peckerwood Gardens in '08 or '09...isn't it cute?  Maybe Pam can remember it's name...
Look at that ugly ass building in the background...that's what I see here...if I won the lottery, I'd level that nasty insult to architecture, bulldoze the 3 ginormous parking lots that surround it and let it sit fallow for a year before turning it into a well planned park, with a meadow, trees, food gardens and a luxurious pond with stepping stones right through the middle so toddlers can feel brave and get close to the fish.
And, I'd change the name of this wild baby to something incorporating all the difficult letters in a scrabble game...something a thousand times more zyuqkomgitoffameraAArrh or just hairy purple thang that tries to take over my yard every spring...thanks a lot Randy (that may be a bit too long.)
 Loofah growing in the partial shade.
 This is one of my favorite shots of the garden right now...I do believe that this is one of the most luxurious Junes we've had in a long time.
 And...just a few steps to the right, and back....
 Home sweet home.
 The first California poppy this year!  The color of my kitchen.
 The first Bee faancy (pronounce double a's like ahhhhh.)
 Lambs ear
 Foxy Bob playing peek-a-boo in the fountain grass.  Isn't he handsome?
 Larkspur, fern leaf verbena, Belinda's Dream...another drawing.
 I never get sick of this's crazy gorgeous to me.
 So, I leave you with an image of Bob in the artichoke...he's just so beautiful.  There you have it, another nonsensical blog about all kinds of stuff that smacks of an undertaking started on Fool's day...bugs and cats and flowers and rants oh my!

Happy Gardening!  


Anonymous said...

Lovely entry. I enjoyed reading it.

Could you perhaps organize a flash mob to paint a mural on that building?

ConsciousGardener said...

I would love to, but it's a church.

Bonnie said...

Love you and your writing style. Don't change!

Tree Service Charlotte said...

BOB. Hahaha. I love the name for your cat, it reminds me of one in the past I had named Ted. Blunt names. Anyway, your desert rose looks like it came out wonderfully! In full blossom, lovely!

-Tony Salmeron

Pam/Digging said...

Opuntia basilaris

ConsciousGardener said...

Thanks Pam!

katina said...

In our neighborhood, whenever we see a "lost cat" poster, I feel compelled to tell the people, "lady, your cat ain't lost, he's dead" because my theory is that most of the cats end up as coyote food even though we don't live in the wilds.

Like you, our cats found us (one was pregnant, the other in utero). I had told my husband that if she had any tabby kittens, we were keeping one. She ended up having 5 black kittens, and we still kept one. Now we have a new black cat with kittens in the yard. Apparently, we're cat magnets.