Wednesday, June 6, 2012

East Austin Oasis, The Case Residence

I went by Randy's place yesterday for a long over due visit.  We met 5 years ago in the '07 Master Gardener's class, a year later we were both asked to be on the city tour and we started hanging out a whole bunch, going to garden centers and having margarita's as much as our measly budgets could stand.  From that friendship came a year of blogging about our "day tripping" adventures,  which then lead to the both of us attending the Landscape Design Program at Bryan College Station, and both of our properties started to change dramatically...but I'll have to say that in the year and a half or so since I've been's changed even more!
 This is the view that draws you to the backyard as soon as you enter the front door.
 As soon as you step outside the outdoor shower is immediately on your right...I remember the plans and it's just as awesome as it sounded...especially with the banana tree looming in the background and all of the artistic touches.  One thing I learned about Randy during our gardening groove is that the man is a shopper and has a knack for bargains and being in the right place at the right time!  
 I just love it!  Especially knowing that the water goes right back to the earth and is not whisked away!
 I had to chew him out for not having more parties...he's created a virtual oasis in the middle of town!
 He walked me around explaining about all the seeds he'd planted one, two and three years back that have surfaced with the mild winter and wet spring!
 The last time I sat under this umbrella, the loving spouse had to drive home!  
 So many recycled and found items have created a unique and cool side yard.
 I hope someone can identify this guy...they've taken over Randy's pond!
 There's the rolling composter I gave him a few years back because he had room to roll it!  And, with all the plants in overdrive, he still has a lovely lush lawn and plenty of space!
 Amazing how this Lady Banksia has grown and makes a nice little hideaway!
 When I turned away from the rose I was stunned by the view looking back at the house!
 There are two walkways that lead through the dense plantings to little secret rooms, or conversation spots...a really nice use of the old metal details that are sadly being replaced on our old 50's houses.
 Here's the old pecan tree that he's going to lose this's leaning and is mostly rotted out.  Such a lovely feature that's kept his Saint Augustine lush and cool.  It's just so hard to say goodbye to an old tree.
 Zinnia's from seed!  
 There are lots of fun touches so you need to take the time to see them all...
 Both gold and red Amaranth dot the thicket adding beautiful texture and color!

I hope the Go-go group gets to hang out a bit!  He's really done a fabulous job.  Hopefully, Randy will be in the next CAMN class and we're excited to take the Tree Folks upcoming Urban Tree class together as well...he's such a wonderful person and fantastic's always a treat to hang out!

Happy Gardening!


Randy said...

Wow. I think your pictures look better than the garden does in reality. It was fun hanging out with you yesterday. We need to do it again soon.

Pam/Digging said...

I love Randy's garden! Can't wait to see it again.

Marc O. said...

Gorgeous yard! I especially like how it has filled out since the 2009 tour.

Caroline said...

Fantastic garden -- I'd love to visit it in person! Love the skull in the birdbath and all the colorful flowers. Thanks for letting us tag along.

Lancashire rose said...

I remember Randy's garden from the tour a few years ago. It was a paradise then and look even more so today. I would love an outside shower.

Storage sheds said...

Randy's garden is really cool! There are many spots that I love. I love the sit under the Pecan tree.The outdoor shower is really my favorite. It is weird bit I really like it.

Wizzie Brown said...

Looks like the caterpillar migh tbelong to some type of tiger moth.

Tree Service Queens said...

My lord!! Its like you have a tropic in your back yard! Looks fantastic, good that everything is level. Also the sun medallion on the shower door, very cool.

-Oscar Valencia

Linda/patchwork said...

I remember his garden, too, from the tour. We loved it.
Looks like it's even more lush and beautiful now.

vbdb said...

Two of my favorite people captured in one post. What a treat! Let's schedule margaritas under that umbrella soon.

ConsciousGardener said...

Vick~ I want to see your garden :)

Flower Pot said...

Love the zinnias, the shower, the red umbrella...nice!

Kris said...

AMAZING! love all the fun stuff--hard to believe this is in TX!