Friday, October 28, 2011

Miraculous Recoveries!!!

So, this was yesterday...I got home from work and popped open a RangerIPA, headed out to my favorite spot in the back~back yard. I sit in that green chair in the middle, It's my favorite view of the yard and where I sit with my bestest~besties. The only thing missing is the chickens.

I had my journal and I was drawing blind contours of a Mockingbird that was going to town with his song when he dropped down and I saw something fabulous...
And realized that the yard was full of minor miracles! Like this Patricks Abutilon...that came up from where I lopped its...what I thought was a 'dead' body off. I stuck the sign in the "Good Times Spent" wall art. I'm so excited...and check it out...BUDS!!!!
Can you tell what you're looking at? That's black bamboo, with 3 new baby shoots!!! It's spreading Hallelujah! I've been wanting to make stuff with it since I put it in the ground 3 years ago...why would it choose to send out new shoots on a year like this?
The last year I worked at Zilker's Green Garden I transplanted this Cherry Barbados pup and this is the first year it bloomed! Why????
A few posts ago I commented that out of 6 spots where I'd planted Oxblood Lily, only 2 had come back...guess what??? They are ALL coming up!!! Whoop, Whoop~whooooo!
This Red Beauty Rose died DEAD the ground and I snipped that crunchy brown crap off...and from the mulch she rises, she's a Zombie RoooOOooose!
So, what you are looking at is truly amazing...these are baby Lady Banksia Roses...they chose this spot on their own...blew me away, I thought it was weedy herb thing and then she put on blooms. I'm letting her get a little bigger while I wait for Bob Pool to make me an arbor for her highness!
What you're looking at here is my front arbor with the skeleton of my Anniversary Wisteria, 9 years old...never got a bloom, dead, with a coral vine going wild in the bramble.
And here is a new sickly plant coming up from her toes!!! I had plans...PLANS!
This is one of just a few transplant survivors...Thyrallis, stunted, but blooming!And this is a much happier transplant, not stunted but filling out Russian Sage!
Best bird shot of the day...Orange Crowned Warbler! This is a danged lucky shot because she's a flittery thing!
And...back inside to blog. All and all, a terrific Autumn...I love this time of year....

Happy Gardening!

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Mikael Behrens said...

Neat! I'm amazed that we're still seeing the effects of one rain three weeks ago.