Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Baby Greens

I'm going to try to be more present with my idea of an online journal about my yard and ideas. So, last blog entry I mentioned that we were planting without disturbing the soil in our raised beds. Below is the the image of the baby greens that are coming up amongst the okra stalks that were not removed but simply cut off. We poked one inch holes and dropped the seeds in and they've come up...without tilling. We did sprinkle a fine dust of our own compost and have kept the babies moist.

Here's a shot of the other bed...arugula, Swiss chard, cilantro and something else...I can't remember.
Here is the pathetic Fall Aster in the back yard...
And here is how it looked in '09.
The fabulous Philippine Violet and mini-Pomegranate, with the Persian Lily all confused and coming up like it's spring.

Ooops, I forgot how many School house lilies I planted...some may be under the pot...oh well.
Autumn mums that I planted after the garden show in '09...still plugging along, I love that Autumn burst of warmth!
The fresh green of new growth on the sago palm!
Purple Mexican fresh!
Loving spouse planted beans in pots...they came up first, I've planted them all over the the ground to try and reinvigorate the soil with nitrogen...nada...but he did plant a few weeks ago...
One more thing, I had the most luxurious bath with my luffa, smelled delicious and left my skin fresh and not dry. I will never, ever buy a damn loofah again! All the B.S. with the bleaching and perfume...remove the vegetable oil that make it wonderful! Plus it reminds me
of "Caddy Shack," only those of us who have all the words memorized will get this. Don't you
just love how many ways there are to spell sponge?

I hope you all are enjoying this most delicious planting season! I'm so happy to be in the yard and not in the classroom! Have a great day!

Happy Gardening!


Caroline said...

Your Persian lilies and my asparagus. Hey, asparagus is technically in the lily family, isn't it? What is it about heat and drought followed by cooling temps that fools lilies into thinking it's spring?!

ConsciousGardener said...

Good question...I have no idea. My asparagus fern is putting out new shoots though!

TexasDeb said...

Love the blue and the orange working together - they just cry out to be admired.

I've got plants all around me acting like it is Spring time again. I am thinking about this as a "Fall Gratitude" last blast of energy before we all settle in for cooler, if not wetter weather.

Lancashire rose said...

I grew loofahs years ago and still have a good supply. I use them in the shower, to clean windows and as packing material in parcels. I grew up with loofahs in the bathroom. Loofahs and sponges. It's about time for me to grow some more. My daughter-in-law who lives in Taiwan told me they eat the young ones. I tried but didn't care for it much. Nice plant though. Love your white Philippine violet. I never see it in the stores. I have the purple one.

Jean said...

Glad to see you all have had a little rain. Green beans, huh? I'll have to check to see if I have any left from spring planting - I'd love to get some of that going again. But first frost date is coming in a few weeks ... maybe.

btw, if you want arugula that plants itself, look for Italian or "wild" arugula. It loves any well-drained soil and if you let it flower, you could find it anywhere in your yard. And the bees loves the little yellow flowers.