Sunday, March 20, 2011

Equinox Project!

I've had a nasty patch of nandina that keeps coming up from under my neighbors yard. 'Said' patch has been removed 3 times over the last few years...always thinking I got the heart of the plant but I think I got it...isn't that color beautiful? agarita, so yellow.

It even looks like a heart. I actually think it's a pretty, but common little plant and I love the berries but it's so invasive, so difficult to get rid of that I took the step that I've sworn never to do...I donned gloves and touched a sponge soaked with RoundUp to it's severed root stem. I feel kinda sick about it but digging wasn't working and my neighbor doesn't mind it so...

I've had a plan for this area for two years now, ever since we lost the Red Bud that was at the center of the nandina patch. Today, the equinox was the day that all the work got done!

Loving spouse and I hit Lowe's and bought cedar, PVC pipe and all the hardware to set up two planter boxes. I'm not a fan of straight lines, especially the square as a design feature...but, it fit the space and I've always wanted a convenient way of using shade cloth and a place to grow winter greens safely and also be able to lock out the nasty squash vine borer early start stuff... shoot, so many versatility' it's easily dismantled and moved!
One box constructed...look at that proud smile!

All along the fence I carefully snipped the roots, but still we lined the box with cardboard and probably won't plant until fall...I half expect the battle to continue, that patch was there when I moved in 14 years ago, it's the last of the invasives in my yard! Yea!

After the second box is constructed it was time for the classic prairie wagon hoops.

We just got the 10ft. 1/2 inch thin plastic ones...they are sturdy but bend easily enough...I picked the stuff and place and got to do all the design/bossing around but loving spouse wielded the power tools on this project!

It takes two to get it done quickly...not two Boston Terrorists, though they seem to approve.

So satisfying to see it all come together...

And this is what it looked like this morning:

I honestly didn't think we'd finish that fast, or we would have gotten soil! Hmmm, soil. Last time we used Natural Gardener, I think it's time to give Geo Growers a try!
I hope you all are having a wonderfully productive spring and a very happy equinox to you all,

Happy Gardening!


Jean said...

Those boxes look really neat. I'm not sure I could have stood to have the boxes empty of soil like that though, ha! Loved your GBBD post too. Roses already blooming down there, huh? I'm anxiously awaiting mine.

Marc O. said...

Good job on getting rid of that nasty nandina. And those cedar boxes look great. Just used cedar for two boxes for the first time, and I think I'm hooked on that.

ConsciousGardener said...

Thanks ya'll. Still don't have dirt in 'em...I'm looking at super soils to buy this weekend...I'll mix it with my compost which will be ready soon!

The Violet Fern said...

I'm loving those wagon hoops! Looks fabulous. I hope to make a hoop house. Was supposed to have it made last fall but then I don't have Boston terrorists to help me! Congratulations on ridding your garden of all invaders. I haven't had any success getting rid of Bishops Weed. Right now I say that I will not succumb to the evil "R" word ... but I cannot blame anyone who does. I smothered that weed for practically a whole year under plastic, newspaper and cardboard. I think it grew back stronger!

Rohrerbot said...

The projects look great. Hey I love your garden boxes. I am starting to get my vegetable garden going....threw some seeds into the ground and we'll see what happens:)