Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bloom Day March 2011

What a beautiful today. 64, light breeze and sunny. I hope you all are having a wonder-filled bloom day, Thanks to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for hosting GBBD and being the inspiration behind the sharing. Welcome to my zone 8b garden in the heart of Austin, Texas, in the tenth year of my marraige to the love of my life, in this hear yard...Thanks for stopping by.

Rosemary and my favorite "hell zone" plant, hymenoxis.

I get so excited just before the buckeye bursts into coral blooms for a short visit.

Hello Martha Gonzales, the first rose to bloom this spring.

We are hoping for a beautiful crop of apricots due to the snowflake blossoms just fading now.

Oh peaches, you will be welcomed freshness in my morning yogurt smoothie, and Margaritas.

The Mountain Laurel in her gorgeous hues has perfumed my front yard like a sweaty palm holding purple Sweet-Tarts...that's what it smells like to me anyway.

By this afternoon, the cross-vine had opened a few of her flashy blossoms...she's calling to the hummingbirds, but we haven't seen one...yet.

Oh Lady Banksia, you are my buttery-popcorn favorite cheer right now...but you are oh so hard to photograph in all your showering delights

Old Blush, this is the first blossom, but this afternoon...over a dozen opened up.

Lady Banksia
It just doesn't translate...she's anchored the West side of the house.

Terrible photo, I know...but both figs are lookin' great...and this is after a transplant!

The simplicity of the arugula flower...the remaining plant from the entire winter garden, lost this year to weather...first time ever in my yard.

Loriapetilum or Fringe flower, from the Hazel family...so, since I have a new neice named Hazel...this is her flower and I'm reminded of her sweet spark when I see it.
Well..here's the rest of my list:
Autumn Sage
Spider Wort
Carolina Jesamine
Fernleaf Verbena
The more exciting things in my garden have to do with what made it through the winter without help. I didn't pamper, other than watering thoroughly before the worst of the freezes and pushing the leaves up around the base of things. I brought my house plants in, but that was really it and I thought I'd lose more. The most surprising things that are coming back are the brugmansia and the Philappine Violet...I just figured they'd had enough. Part of being saved has to do with the many microclimates in a dense suburban yard and
enriched soil...which I am really bad at keeping up with.
I hope everything is magical in your yard!
Happy Gardening!


Stephanie said...

What great pics!! Love the "hell zone" plant. So cheerful.

Tina Poe said...

Your fringe flower is awesome! Very nice color and form :)

Caroline said...

OH! Don't let the love of my life see your Lady Banks rose, lol. I'm already second-guessing where I put mine...on a chainlink fence near the corner of our house. Happy GBBD!

Amy said...

Oh, I bet that Lady Banksia is amazing right now! And I like your take on Mt Laurel scent; I always think grape Kool-aid mixed with beer. Hope there are many apricots and peaches in your future!

suzie/VivaVerde said...

"a sweaty palm holding purple Sweet-Tarts"

that's PERFECT.

scottweberpdx said...

Great post...love the Lorapetalum! I've always wanted the Bottlebrush Buckeye...alas, too big for my little garden :-(