Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things of Note

In the days before the crushing heat of summertime bear down and send me indoors sulking over a Margarita...magic happens, and there have been some things that I want to remember for next year.

The first apricot!
Last year my little apricot tree made one fruit, eaten by a squirrel. This year we got over 30! The stinkbugs tried to ruin my joy, but after I bit into this soft, warm, scarred beauty, I realized that I could share. They aren't pretty on the outside, but the taste is unbeatable!

Peruvian Lily
This is becoming one of my favorite flowers. She's been blooming since April and the end doesn't seem near. I can't remember how long she continues to show off, but I'll pay closer attention this year.

The first tomato was the cherry-heirloom Yellow Pear, she was ready for the tasting Monday, May 24. It was delicious. Everything is looking flush and full, though I'm afraid that harvesting the apricots will send the stinkbugs to my tomatoes! Some nasty red spidery thing knocked off 8 squash (not on the three sisters.) I never made it out to get dill for my companion I'll have to worry over the borer...daily. Last year the mum/dill combo did the trick.

The bean is passing up the corn!

I'm 5'3"...hardly "as high as an Elephant's eye" but I'm feeling mighty proud!

The Mexican Petunia is coming back predictably...but this shot has more meaning than that. The Redbud in the center will be down, transformed into yard art by the weekend.

Toadstool tea anyone? There will be one more seat for my new niece/nephew soon. I'm having 3 trees removed on Friday because they are dropping limbs and are infested with carpenter ants. The sycamore out front, the tree that made me fall in love with this old house 14 years ago will be forever transformed, and for that, I am truly sad.

The wild, garish color of the Canna Lily always makes me smile!

The darling of my heart, Dorothy Belle enjoying the lush lawn. I never thought it would come back after October's tour. We did loose our "honeymoon tree" an African Acacia that my husband grew from seed. I guess the honeymoon's over? Nod, nod, wink, wink. So, I've got a little empty spot...what to plant?

I like to get a shot of the window boxes early on because I know by fall the potato vine and sedum will be half-way to the ground and looking wild.

My friend Ila warned me about planting them in the ground..."they'll take over" she said. Well, she was right. Fortunately, like the Heart leaf Skullcap that tries to dominate the same area, they are both easily plucked out of the ground.

Black and Blue Sage, I've been seeing photos of her on nearly every other blog I I thought I'd chime in.

What a tough gal is Buddleia! I put in 5 little ones last fall, because I found them on sale. This year I had to move 3 of them because they got too big for their location and I was afraid I'd done the wrong thing because they were such fainting-ladies after the operation. Now they're blooming like crazy! Their blooms are just magical!

Sago Palm
Check out the size of the heart on this plant. Last year she took up a 5ft. area in my garden. She's coming back for an encore!

The baby fronds are soft enough to run your fingers through!
We're almost to the end of the spring planting/transplanting season and I have just a few things left to do before the girls leave for a month and spouse and I start working on the back fence, the lean-too on the chicken coop and...probably a bunny run. But, before the silence steps in and the workload increases, I'm enjoying the daily miracles in the yard and hope you are too!
Happy Gardening!


Amy said...

You have created such a beautiful, interesting garden! I love all the unique touches.

The Curious Holts said...

woah...I'm DYING to see the tree art. I'm taking an unknown boxwood type tree down this weekend. It's half dead anyway, poor thing. I've got a yarty idea in my head for it. Let's make apricot margaritas, chica!!! Maybe the Holts could mosey down on Sunday for some yard touring???hmmmm?

The Curious Holts said...

PS You look super cute!

ConsciousGardener said...

Why that is a wonderful idea! Hubby put them in the freezer right away for smoothies...but you have a mucho better idea! Give me a week or two to finish up the painting on the yard art...I've got a packed weekend but the girls leave for a month June let's get together for sure! Also, tomorrow is my last day teaching...thank goddess.

Gail said...

I love your garden and you've got me quite curious about the yard art! gail

Jean said...

What a lovely update! That Peruvian Lily is something. I'll have to look into getting one. I'm sorry to hear about your sycamore. We had to get rid of one a few years ago as well. I think they're just not the best thing for close to the house.

Juliet said...

Love all the photos, I'm kind of salivating right now...What is the plant in the 9.9.09 Wordless Wednesday photo? I need one.

Bob said...

I am consumed with envy over your apricot success. I've planted three and three have dies. I think I must be doing something wrong.

ConsciousGardener said...

Juliet, that's a Passion Flower Vine, Native and host plant to the Friterlary Butterfly (I know I probably spelled that wrong...but, they're quite agressive and if you live in the Crestview area, I'm happy to give you one.)

Bob, I put compost on it once a year...that's about it. It is in a dappled area...I really didn't think it would ever fruit!

Juliet said...

I don't know that I'll be able to take you up on that offer any time soon, but thank you very much nevertheless. I'm always looking for new additions to my butterfly garden so I'll keep that in mind. I actually came across your blog via the 2009 "Inside Austin" garden tour, will you be doing that again this year? I'd love to stop by and see everything in person :)

ConsciousGardener said...

J-probably not. But, who knows. I prefer small gatherings of 'truely interested gardeners' vs. THE PUBLIC.

Sunita said...

Congratulations on wresting the apricots from the squirrels and the stinkbugs! The first fruits from a tree are always so exciting and doubly delicious, aren't they?

Cindy, MCOK said...

I'm finally catching up on other gardeners' blogs and see that lots is going on in your garden. I love your hell strip ... it's anything but hellatious in appearance!

Sorry about the sycamore but I love the idea of turning spent trees into art. My Persian Vitex trunk still resides on a patio while I figure out how to stake it upright.