Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax, Bloom Day!

Welcome to my garden today. It's been awhile since I've's been a very busy spring and one that clearly puts me in the "gardener first" category...I'd clearly rather be outside on a day like today. Cecile Bruner is magnificent...the Lady Banksia last month was unbelievable, this is a year for roses...and so much more.

Carol of May Dreams Gardens started us all on this monthly blog and to her, we are all grateful. I've decided to organize my photos not by front and back yard, new or standard but by color...several things blooming today didn't make the post because I feel like I've seen to much of them, but I've kept the images for further reference...I wonder when Spring will be so glorious again? Thank you for dropping by.

The backyard entrance...please come in for a spell...

Morning light on my onion patch

Onion flower

Isn't she lovely in her smallness? I can never remember her name...some kind of African succulent that literally grows wherever I put it...

The last of the Arugula flowers, so simple yet hot and spicy!

Barrel Cactus buds, a gift from my friend Tom

Seeds are up!

White Lantana

Boysenberry flower (not pictured is the blackberry)

Blackfoot Daisy, I don't care that it's just a Daisy...they mean Spring to me.

I just couldn't resist a few annuals this year...

Oxalis, simple clover

Mexican Sage in front of the upright Rosemary

Spanish Lavender, my favorite of the Lavenders...

Provencial Lavender

This is the first year my Sage bloomed! It's blooming all over the yard...all varieties, I can't tell you how beautiful they smell and how happy it makes me.
Cue the music... XXXX Deep in the heart of Texas...
Purple Lantana, so tough and dependable

This is my newly planted Sky Flower or Duranta, the butterflies love her and the shallow bath.

SpiderWort, still going strong!

Check out the sugar ants on this Sage early this morning!

Cherry Sage

Guara in the morning sun

Volunteer Larkspur, my next door neighbor for many years was a tiny old lady named Freida and she planted them every year...they're only living in my yard now.
Texas Betony and Cosmos...for Buckley.

Fuscia from my friend Elizabeth and the most fragrant of my roses...Cecile Bruner

Old Blush going to town on the front pergola

Belinda's Dream

Scarlet Sage

Salvia Greggi in the warm sunshine

It may be poor form to show such an out of focus shot...but this color combination reminded me of's Firecracker Fern in front of Powess Castle's Artemesia.

Crown of Thorns with spider webs...don't they look like lips?

And, the last of the reds...

The oranges...Red Yucca flower, Nasturtium, Butterfly Weed, Patrick's Abutilon...which is new to my backyard and I can never get a good shot of because it's so low to the ground...still...and the garish orange of my Mini Pomegranate.

The only blossom on the tipity top of my Ocotillo!

The delightful Bulbine

My first crush was on the Pride of Barbados, I still think she's magical with those spitting red ribbons!
New Golden Lantana

Last year, this pokey agave got me good when I was working and I decided that was the end...I didn't want things that hurt people...little people especially in my yard. So, I chopped her back and she was too big for me to pop the pineapple shaped orb out of the I instructed "Spouse" to do the duty...Spouse was busy. This spring, she bloomed from the stump! Thank goodness he had better things to do!

I love Nasturtium...they are the seed that I can't mess up! and, they're tasty!

This is my second lilly from Randy's yard to bloom...I wonder how mine are doing in his yard?

Had to sneak another shot in...becuase this is my favorite bright yellow...happy face yellow.

These Snapping Dragon ladies wintered over in the window box!

Hell zone Hymenoxis doing her cheerful thing. I think yellow flowers are my favorite, and they remind me of my love.

She spills over nicely, hiding the cracked pot!

And, lastly...a volunteer squash flower with a drunk bee. This bee was here when I began my rounds and an hour later was still at it! You go! Thank you for visiting my garden in Zone 8b, a snowbirds paradise, and my favorite place to be.

Happy Gardening!


mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

The story of your neighbor who grew larkspur just touched my heart. I have a feeling that someday I'm going to be the little old lady of my neighborhood who grew larkspur. It's sad to think that when I'm gone they'll die out--except that I've shared so much seed that I know that they will live on in other people's gardens.

I just bought a Spanish lavender. I've only had luck with Goodwin's Creek Grey lavender and killed every other kind. But I think the Spanish lavender is so much prettier. If you've had luck with it, maybe I will.

I love GBBD in Austin because we all have such different flowers even though we live in the same town. Yours look lovely.

Linda/Central Texas Gardener said...

How very lovely. Your plant combinations and diversity are totally intriguing. I'm also amazed that you already have Mexican sage and lavender in bloom. Thank you so much for sharing all these ideas.

sweet bay said...

Wonderful Bloom Day post. You have so much flowering now, it's amazing.

ConsciousGardener said...

MSS, I have the best luck with Provencial Lavender, I just love the rich purple and sagey softness of the Spanish one! good luck:)

And, your flowers take much'll need a village to keep up your blooming paradise, and I would need much more learning! It's amazing to see all your lovelys:)

Cindy, My Corner of Katy said...

It's very colorful and floriferous in your garden ... April's such a great month for Central Texas gardeners!

ConsciousGardener said...

Cindy, where is your blog? I can't find it...or any photos? Are you changing sites?

trelotrick said...

refreshed... like a bee in a yellow flower, like a yellow N black meadow lark sings in the spring, like the yellow sun glowingly, warmly basks us all with light...

through your lense eye captions words springs illumination...


Naturegirl said...

I so enjoyed this walk through your garden this a.m.! I have returned home from Arizona to my own garden which is just waking up from it's winter slumber.Here it's Spring clean up time so very few flowers are present..your garden of flowers was good for my soul! Thank you for sharing! :)

knittnkitten said...

Wow I wish I could take photos as well as you.
Happy gardening!

ConsciousGardener said...

Thank you so much:)

Julia said...

Your garden is an inspiration. Those are beautiful photos. Now I want to take the day off work and put in a new bed. :-)

Pomona Belvedere said...

I also liked the larkspur and its story (and I'm envious; somehow I can't get them to grow, and I wanted just that beautiful muted-pink shade).

You Unknown Succulent is choice, and thanks for introducing me to Bulbine. As for the agave: I read of an old English custom. When a fruit tree wasn't bearing, people would beat it with sticks and threaten to cut it down if it didn't do something. Maybe you have tapped into an ancient gardening method.

My experience with Spanish lavender is that it's only sort of kind of hardy where it freezes.

CG,your sages are splendiferous this year!I can't grow all the kinds you do, but love to see them.

ConsciousGardener said...

I guess I should do a "sage" spot and just photograph their blossoms:)

Thanks Pomona!