Wednesday, December 10, 2008


About 11 o'clock last night the flurries began. The thrill of a missed school day filled the house and for a minute we were in a winter wonderland...Texas style. I love this shot because I used the 'flower' setting on my little Casio to focus on Ms. Salvia Greggi here and the sun lighted snow makes a rare backdrop!
The soft leaved Heard-leaf Scullcap seemed to do does have a furry coat!
This is as deep as it got!
I left the cacti out, and they were fine.
This Sago Palm looks Christmassy in her winter white! Though I love the snow, I'm glad the sun is out...but I thought my family and friends, especially my new friend from Nova Scotia would get a kick out of what we call Snow:) Happy Gardening


Nick said...

Dagnabbit! I forgot to take pix of the snow!!

Bob said...

It was 82 degrees earlier that day and then down to 24 degrees that night. A normal December here in central Texas, strange.