Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Tree Dilemma

Every year we have a debate, well an argument over how to decorate the tree. This year, for the first time our family is in agreement. We are a house divided, not by politics but by divorce and I only spend alternating years with my daughters...this year I'm "sans beans." Our family tradition is that we haul out the goods to decorate on Friday after Thanksgiving. We make our traditional hot buttered rum have leftover turkey sandwiches and doll the place up. In the meantime arguing all the while about...the theme. My dear friend Ben from OSU and I spent one stony Christmas coloring xerox copies of a Cuban Queen with day-glo markers and attaching them to his tree with paperclips...the wine spoke volumes and I thought it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. since then Christmas has become a time to express rather than mull in the same-'ole-same-'ole. I know this probably steps on some toes but bear with's now a tradition and it just wouldn't be the same without doing' something different! Well, that being's the blue year, color being the only stipulation so in light of the triumphant election...something our family all agreed on we decided to light up the top of the tree with Barak! When the girls go onto college I hope they take this old toilet brush tree with 'em. I bought one of those table top Norfolk Pines from Lowe's several years ago and it's about 3 & 1/2 feet tall this's in a pot and by the time it fills the room I'll just stop re-potting it and I'll finally have a living tree. Happy Holidays and Happy Gardening


Anonymous said...

I like your decorating ideas and traditions. :)

Pomona Belvedere said...

I also like your innovative approach to Christmas decor--and your repotted tree, now that's taking recycling to a new level.

Annie in Austin said...

What fun you had decorating, Conscious Gardener - and it sure looks 'Austin'.

I wasn't too sure how a Norfolk Island pine would do here..your post is making me rethink buying one.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose