Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Two for Tuesday

According to my fabulous Audubon Bird Guide Mikael Behrens who blogs at
Birding on Broadmeade, this first week of May is the best time to catch rare birds in your yard, Central Texans! I caught these two last night at supper time....

Male Ruby Throat flashing his gorget!

Male Painted Bunting

Whose visiting your garden this week?

Happy Gardening!


Patchwork said...

Oh...I'd love to see a Painted Bunting.
There are supposed to be some down here in the Wimberley area. But, we have yet to see one.
The hummers are around, though.
Great photos. Thanks.

Annie in Austin said...

Oh lucky you, Conscious Gardener! I've glimpsed a painted bunting only once but never forgot it.
Isn't Mikael's blog great? I so appreciate his help with identifying birds.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

(ha, ha - word verification is 'lance'... when you live in Austin that must be Armstrong)

Marc O. said...

Glad you got to photograph one! I catch the buntings in the neighbor's large mulberry tree every year. One year I even snuck up on my roof to get a better photo.


ConsciousGardener said...

Cool Marc, that is an awesome shot...so clear! Thanks for sharing!

Yes, Annie...I try to do his hike every month...it's this Mother's Day! I can't wait!

catmint said...

painted bunting is very well named, wonderful looking birds.