Tuesday, August 3, 2010

North Austin Funk...Numero Dos

I don't remember the dimensions of "The Wall" but the message is clear. Jean Graham is the Brentwood artist who had the idea and it was a long process. The wall runs along Woodrow Ave behind the neighborhood MiniMax (located in Crestview) one of the coolest places in the 'hood. The first meeting of minds happened at El Mercado years ago, Linda Anderson, the wonderful art teacher at Brentwood Elementary School, myself and Jean made the first sample pieces that sold the idea to the hood. It's a massive piece of historical art.

Hedrich Michaelson is a dedicated gardener with a beautiful yard and her husband Phil, a great sense of wonder. They have toys tucked in here and around the veggies and native flowers in their xeriscaped front yard. It's always fun to walk by and see what's new.
My friend Ellen's house is on the market (check it out here) one of the coolest, biggest houses in Crestview...but you can still see the shadow of an artist if you're paying attention to detail. She threatened to "shoot my ass" if she found me in her yard...hehe. I love the turquoise balls on the Redbud tree out front. Hi Ellen, ya missed!

Charming gas lamps painted by children, or someone with a childlike perspective. (Note to self: repaint your pathetic lamp!)

I had to hang over the fence to capture the wonderful metal art below.

Wabi-Sabi and I have been walking the 'hood all summer and I'm only showing a few of Michele's playful charms with permission of course!

Every time I try to write something, some bone-head has stolen the Sharpie!

Pan, the goat-god with breasties, sits beneath the Oak tree out front, playing an invisible flute. The story is a good one as to how she acquired it...but not necessary...it's a delightful, melancholic, blast from the past, on its own.
In order to present our neighborhood in full spectrum, I'd need a turret entry, a color entry, a this isn't art but trash entry and many more...There's a lot of new construction and many houses on the market. I think some may still consider this part of town "transitional" but then again, what isn't? Featuring my 'hood is hopefully a great way to draw artists to this part of town...we have a plethora of creatives, but I'm always open to meeting more cool people...it's all part of the dream. Stay cool and...
Bloom Where You're Planted, if you're not planted...transplant yourself here.
Happy Gardening!


Hedrich said...

Haha! Now we're famous!

l.e. said...

Err, I think that sends the wrong message to potential buyers. : P But, yes, we famous!

ConsciousGardener said...

Youse boffs famous!

cat said...

love it! gives me alot of inspiration..:) beautiful neighborhood my friend...:)


David, Melanie and family said...

So cool! I love the art. We have parts of the Houston Heights that are very artsy and fun. Unfortunately, I don't live there, but have seen more and more signs of PGE (Personal Garden Expression) here in my neighborhood as well. Others just mow and blow and go back inside their houses. ha ha
David (Tropical Texana) :-)

catmint said...

Hi Cheryl, thanks for a post showcasing originality, creativity, community and fun! Austin sounds a great place to live.

Donna said...

I adore garden art, and you found some really great pieces. Pan was comical. I also liked your work on the fire station. What a large hell strip. Hope you post the finished design.

The Violet Fern said...

Very cool! That reminds me to get to funking up my own plot. Very inspirational. That wall is amazing. Love that all you hoodies participate - that's just super great.