Thursday, June 17, 2010

Whoosh, There Went Bloom Day!

Dang. Missed it completely. The blooms from spring are mostly gone but there are a few stars that remain. This August will be 14 years that I've lived in my house and there are two plants that I don't think have ever looked this stunning in all of Austin and they are the Crape Myrtles and Beebalm. Here's a shot of Ms. Myrtle and her sister on the West side of the driveway. Between last month and now the Chaste Tree did her thingy, as did Belinda's Dream, the Mexican Oregano and Dianthus.

The Yarrow, white and yellow, in the front and back yards has multiplied profusely after just sitting dinky for 2 years.
And, above the Yarrow, the Peach tree is about ready to harvest...I'm gonna guess there's about 150 or so peaches on her. I'll be making a batch of Jalapeno Peach Jam and the rest will be frozen for smoothies.

The tomatoes are almost as tall as the peach tree in the back there...can you see 'em?

I transplanted 2 Buddleia that acted out a dramatic fainting spell for about a month, then are just blooming like mad. Seems the 3 I transplanted are actually performing better than the 2 I left in place. I've seen this happen with other plants as well...a little abuse and they send out flowers as if to say...'I'm worthy, don't yank me out of the ground again!'

The Canna's have reached the top of the door on the Garden Haus.

And I had to sneak one more shot of those Myrtles, but also show how the Pony's Foot...that completely died away (or so I thought) in the winter has come back strong!
Other things of note: the Confederate Jasmine and Cross Vine are on their second bloom cycle of the year, the Flame Acanthus has gone wild and put out several babies (I'm happy to dig them up if anyone wants one...not a fan of Flame is enough,) this is the first year the lavender, other than Provincial has bloomed repetitively, best year yet for tomatoes, and if anyone wants me to save the seeds on the Pride of Barbados...let me know!
That's it folks...short n' sweet. Happy Bloom Day to all you mighty fine gardeners out there and a shout to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for organizing this ordeal!
What else is blooming at the Govumpella residence:
Red Yucca
Heartleaf Skullcap
Gregg's Mistflower
Desert Rose
Purple Cone Flower
Katrina Rose
Cecile Brunner
Butterfly Weed
Mexican Petunia
Autumn Sage
Mealy Blue Sage
Columbine (second round)
Fern Leaf Verbena
Russian Sage
Black n' Blue Sage
Happy Gardening!


Amy F said...

Wow, your own peach harvest! And I agree that the crape myrtles around Austin look the best they ever have, like big fluffy snowcones. Love your garden!

cat said...

oh your garden is just so inspiring to me! i love it all.

my toms are doing the same thing, growing so tall they've fallen over in places and are covered in fruit. after last year's tomato disaster, i'm so happy to have a ton this year!

love the garden once again..:) thanks for sharing!

Pam/Digging said...

I love your colorful shed with the cannas in front and pretty blue fountain, Cheryl. Yep, the crepes are gorgeous this year. Yea for rain!

Caroline said...

Your crepe myrtles and your peaches look incredible!

Lancashire rose said...

Don't make me jealous with those crepes and peaches. OOH peach crepes, how does that sound? Neither peaches nor crepes here. Not one flower yet. Do we live in Austin or what. Love the shot of your garden house. Such wonderful colors you chose.

Juliet said...

I'll take one of those flame acanthus :) I'm on a never-ending quest to attract more hummingbirds to my garden...just too dang cute!

I don't think I'm gonna be able to stop by this weekend, but next Sunday looks good for me... Sunday morning that is ;)

Have a great week and I'll be in touch...

ConsciousGardener said...

Juliet, we're not going to be home in the morning on Sunday...heading out to the country to give the bunnies away!

Meredith said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I'm jealous of your peaches AND your peach smoothies. Yum, yum, yum. Seeing your garden haus reminds me that I really want a shed that I can paint to fit with the house colors some day -- not necessarily the same colors as the house, but to at least complement them. Well, I'll just add it to the list! Speaking of painting the house, I best get back to it.

Sunita said...

Those blooms really do look stunning!I love Crape Myrtles.
And those peaches! I've never sen peaches growing on a tree before. They look like little Christmas tree ornaments, don't they?

catmint said...

Hi Cheryl, what a lot of flowers you have. It is funny the way some plants don't flower for years, then they suddenly do. I'm glad they have their own will, it makes for a more interesting relationship with us. All are lovely, but I think the canna in front of the garden haus is my favourite. cheers, catmint

Commonweeder said...

peaches in Austin! My daughter in Houston has no fruit trees, just a pecan, but I am going to have to talk to her about this. What a beautiful gardenn.

Juliet said...

Ooooh pick me pick me for a few pride of barbados seeds! Gorgeous plant. I have to google half the things you mention on here but that's half the fun. And thank you so much for everything you gave me this past week, everything looks good, even the lamb's ear really, except the fennel which I think may not make it. I'm sorry if you were running late because of me, but you did unload a FEW more plants on me than I had come for :D

ConsciousGardener said...

It was a pleasure to meet you and Michael and I'm so glad the plants survived! We were right on time! I'll save the seeds for you, best to come get them when I post about collecting them because I tend to be a bad seed saver...forget to lable...always think I can remember etc. etc.!

LindaCTG said...

What a luscious garden from flowers to peaches! And I love that fountain against the cannas. Let's hope for fall rains again! It's simply amazing how plants have responded to it, after all the trauma the past few years.