Monday, April 12, 2010

What's Going on at Hornsby Bend?

Last Saturday morning, my friend Patty, a fellow Master Naturalist and I went out to Hornsby Bend to check things out. It was the official Audubon's Monthly Bird Survey, which is a serious event and we wanted to take it easy, look at the plants, the bugs and all the other critters as we did.

This guy was sunning himself in the middle of the road. I took a million pictures trying to get him with his tongue out but my camera has too much of a delay.

The understory was peppered with sunlight exposing yards of Baby Blue Eyes.
The yellow flower, gorgeous as it is and is blooming all over town on roadsides is "Bastard Cabbage," and I can't find the purple flower in the wildflower guide...anyone know this?

We were marveling at the American Coot not 20 minutes before we found this guy on the side of the road. The feet are beautiful, iridescent green and black with a snakeskin texture.

At one point we were wondering through the wildflowers, some several feet over our the Queen Anne's Lace, when we disturbed a group of Dragon Flies...this handsome fellow was brave enough to let me hone in on him!

Philadelphia Fleabane

The description in the Wildflowers of Texas guide describes threadlike petals...yea, you could say that.

Sweet Baby Blue Eyes up close.

More of the forest floor and the Baby Blue Eyes.

and still was really magical in a way that my little digital camera just isn't able to capture.

The green house is a settling pond with a carpet of duckweed. The acoustics in this place are eerie, like a scene for a murder. The frogs, spiders, birds and bats love it!

I wonder what traveled this way?

The sweet face of the Day Lilly...a favorite food of my chickens and rabbits.

Wolf Spider on the edge of the pond. It was an easier day than the serious bird count and we got to geek out on the plants and critters and thoroughly enjoyed this perfect Texas Spring! Thanks for coming along!
Happy Birding!

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mkircus said...

I love Hornsby Bend also. The unknown flower you asked about in your blog is blue curls. I took a picture of it at Lady Bird Johnson's Wildflower Center and also bought some to plant. They grow in morning sun to dappled shade. I never noticed them until this year and now I'm finding them in lots of places. Here's my link to my picture.