Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's Left to Survive...BloomDay July '09

I got married the second time in my backyard, 8 years ago it was a very small private ceremony with just family and close friends. We rented 7 round tables and for centerpiece decorations we put terra-cotta pots with hot peppers and wrapped some twisted hay in a bow around the pot. We were barefoot and my old college friend John and his buddies, "The Waller Creek Boys" played bluegrass and I think it was a lovely day with peek-a-boo showers and saturated color. Peppers always remind me of my wedding and this year I decided to repeat the overwhelming pepper parade and it's added some lovely spice to our cooking and in this dire hot as hell summer is bringing me much joy.
I must give a shout out to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for her terrific idea of doing GBBD, over the next few days I'll be browsing the list of participants, as it seems to get longer all the time.


Thai Pepper

Ornamental Pequin

Crown of Thorns

Flame Acanthus

Datura Metel, Double Purple Frill

A gift from my girlfriend Elizabeth before she moved away...I've never been much of a Geranium fan but I must admit they are much hardier than they look, and I really enjoy the fragrance of the leaves.

Yellow Bells or Esperanza, the orange variety is twice the size as this one but doesn't bloom so regularly. Seems that this is a perpetual bloomer no matter how hot it gets.

First time I tried growing these babies...Lions Tail and they are doing great. I planted a whole bunch of them out at Zilker and they've grown together in one lovely mass.

This is one of 3 Plumaria stems that my dear friend Randy brought back from Hawaii! They smell like the old Island Tropic Tan Lotion I used to douse myself with in the 70's!

As you can see the monarch has won the battle here. This morning there were 7 on this single Butterfly Weed plant...they don't seem to be bothered by the aphids but wish the Lady Beetles would come soon.

Purple Cone Flower, still blooming away!

Red Yucca

Thyrallis, my first bloom! I planted this gal last fall and she's been unremarkable until now.

This was a gift from my friend Linda and I can never remember her name! I was surprised that she came back this year though, after almost dieing back completely.


This is quite a surprise blooming because there is partially ripe fruit on other parts of the little tree. The blossoms are so sweet and delicious, unlike the tart fruit.


Mexican Honeysuckle

The Turks Cap

Such a sweet and hardy wildflower that was here when we moved in and it's spread to several areas of the yard. I'm not sure about the terms invasive vs. aggressive...but either way, it's a welcome little treat. Now that I've uploaded some of the stuff in my yard that's blooming I guess things aren't as bad as I thought...the carnage is so discouraging that it's a good thing to take the time to photograph what's right.
Hope you're staying well hydrated, Happy Gardening!


Bob said...

I'm down to survival mode here. I'm just trying to keep it alive till this heat is over. This long lasting, severe heat does show us what the hardiest plants to have are, though. I'm glad you still have some blooms.

Caroline said...

We have something in common: I got married the second time in my backyard. I may be biased but I think it was the best wedding I'd ever been too! The freesia I planted that spring has naturalized and reminds me of my wedding every year. Love your colorful peppers, your frilly datura and the lion's tail.

vertie said...

My neighbor cooks with her harvested chile pequins. I've never tried it, but I saw you labeled yours as ornamental. Are there two varieties?

Happy anniversary! I got married on a beach and had the party in my grandmother's yard. So many people have told me how much they enjoyed it. I think it's like having a wedding in your own backyard; you're comfortable and happy, and the guests know it.

M'nell said...

gee, Cheryl, you are an amazing photographer too! way to go Green Thumbs!

Sylvana said...

That sounds like a lovely wedding. Peppers for a hot and spicy marriage? ;)

Randy said...

Hey ladybug, your flowers look great and I love your narrative, but your begonia is a geranium!!!

MamaHolt said...

Someday my remodel will be finished and I can actually plant things without fear of them being trampled to death. Your garden is amazing...always. sigh.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Great bloom day! Nice ornamental peppers, I have one the peppers start green, turn purple and then red. I hear birds love them but the birds around must not know this yet as I have not seen one near it.