Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Stroll Through Zilker's Green Garden on the Summer Solstice

In spite of the heat, I don't think the garden could be more lovely and I have to share the blossoms with you. This isn't a story, it's my job, one of them...and sometimes, it's the best place to be. This morning you could hear the Northern Cricket Frogs singing in the pond and, one visitor told me that there were more butterflies in my little meadow than in the Butterfly Garden. When you work alone for hours on end, words like these are pure sweetness.

Wooly Butterfly Bush

Purple Cone Flower, like a dream.

Lions Tail, that I planted in November...just five of them in 4" pots!

Buddleia or Butterfly Bush

A symphony in lavender... Society Garlic, Majestic Sage and Mexican Oregano.

This is one of 3 rock mounds in the "Little Meadow," (I call it that because I designed it to be viewed by a child) when you kneel down all the flowers are eye-high and it's quite dreamy, especially when all the butterflies and dragonflies are dancing in the morning sun.
I transplanted some Polygunom from the ground in the Master Gardener greenhouse and it's taking over nicely. The little ones always get a kick out of the glass rings.



I just love these flowers, as do the butterflies. If you love butterflies, please join me tomorrow night, June 22nd at Zilker Botanical Gardens for the Butterfly Forum at 7pm; the speaker will be teaching us how to identify our beautiful garden guests.
Thanks for taking a stroll with me, if you haven't been out to the gardens in awhile, may I suggest you go later than 8am, and bring water!
Happy Gardening


Pam/Digging said...

It all looks beautiful, even in this dreadful heat and drought, Cheryl. Nice job!

How is the garden irrigated, I wonder? Is it on a sprinkler system, soakers, or hand-watered?

Bob said...

Wow, your hard work is evident, but your eye for pleasing combinations is equally evident. The beds are absolutely stunning. You should be proud as I'm sure you are. I'm always proud and happy when people are enjoying my gardens, but I bet their is a whole lot more enjoying yours. Zilker is truely lucky to have you.

ConsciousGardener said...

Thanks Pam and Bob. The garden has an irrigation system and it runs at 4am twice a week for 20 minutes a station...I hand water on the day I go in though because we have things in huge pots and some of the stuff just needs a little extra push from time to time if it gets above 100 degrees.

Meredith said...

Ack, I just read that tonight you had a butterfly forum. I just missed it! I'm loving all our visiting butterflies and working hard to identify what I can. Stay cool in this terrible heat!

Anonymous said...

Hi Conscious gardener! what a great job to work at Zilker. Is this as part of your volunteer work through MG? I'm currently a MG intern.

I really enjoy your posts and have found your blog through Pam who is a total inspiration to a budding gardener!

I've started a blog... not much there though.


ConsciousGardener said...

Hi Chris G.,

No it's not volunteer work, I am the gardener. If you are an intern then you must have seen me get up and ask for interns to volunteer in your MG class, you can recieve hours in the Green Garden...come on out! I'm usually there on Thursday mornings. What's the name of your blog?

Anonymous said...

Wow - I would LOVE to walk in your shoes every day. I probably did see your call for volunteers - and I've helped Holly at the MG greenhouse recently. I need more volunteer hours - please contact me for opportunities.
Here's my very novice blog:
But I do plan on posting some interesting pics and thoughts.....

and my email is:

I look forward to meeting you at Zilker sometime soon.