Friday, May 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day May 2009

There are so many blooms to document and I have so much work to do in the garden that as I was rushing through the morning photo session I decided to snap one shot and just go with what works! I'll follow up later with the complete list, but seriously...some of these gal's have been blooming all year and how many shot's of Hymenoxis can one take? It's a DYF(Damn Yellow Flower,) and though I'm trying to know mine...the story is always the same...she's a hardy girl...movin' on. Welcome to Bloom Day in North Central Austin, the Crestview Neighborhood to be specific and to my "show" of blooms this muggy, overcast May day. Bloom Day, the brainchild of Carol at May Dreams Comes must be bursting with her blogs namesake and as soon as I'm finished I'll be popping over to her zone to see what that's all about!

Thyme has been blooming for over a month, and in my own life it seems as though time has expanded as well. I love the minute softness and luscious smell.
This is a volunteer Vitex that came up probably about 6 or 7 years ago and I protected it until now I have to control it. It had vibrant purple blooms that over the years have faded...I've heard of other people saying theirs did the same...just haven't taken the time to research it properly...I still love it's strong smell and dependable flowers.

This is the lowly Indian Blanket that came up from a wildflower mix I put down probably 10 years ago. I love this photo because it looks a bit like my hair today. In the background you can see my Red Yucca gone wild.

The little succulent was covered with buds but this one alone opened up for the camera.

Gregg Dalea

A new addition to my backyard space is White Avens, the horticulturist at ZBGardens called it a weed...for shame. I brought her home and put her in my wild scape, then found her being propagated at the plant exchange earlier this month! I call her Lady of Avens!

Hard to see all the blooms, but the Purple Heart is blooming, the Mexican Sage, the little purple ground cover that I can never remember the name...basically I wanted to show my onions...document their signal: get me out of the ground! Can't you see I'm laying here dying!

Not yet opened is my baby Desert Willow tree that was given to me by TreeFolks when I completed the Citizen Forrester program. That's my purple Crock at the bottom...just ignore it!

The only rose still blooming.

The first blossom to open on my new Wonderful Pomegranate!

Cosmos...I never get tired of it and I don't have that many annuals!

There were probably 35 buds on my spineless Prickly Pear...I can't wait for the fruit, I'm going to make jelly this year since I think the Peach tree has dropped all her fruit!

There aren't buds yet on this Amaranth, it's the first year I've tried planting it and the response is so funny...everyone thinks it's a poinsettia!

Simple, and often overlooked Lambs Quater. I occasionally throw it in a stir fry, but it's mostly for the hens that is.

My cat Daikini Bob...if I sit on the ground he won't leave me alone...thanks for the Raspberry Bob!...Behind him is my blooming Heart Leaf Skullcap...crazy aggressive thing that she is!

I just love the Onion blossom!

Sky flower or Duranta catching the morning rays.


I hate cyclone fences and was climbing around my wild corner in the back and found this hanging on the fence! I love little discoveries like this...

The tomato's are looking lovely...yea!

Lettuce gone to flower.

Purple Mexican Petunia, Ruellia

and the pink variety...

Can someone identify this DYF, it's not in my Texas Wildflower Book! The bloom opened facing downward and then the next day straightened her neck out! She's pretty and I'll keep her I just want to know her name!


Confederate Jasmine

Lovely Turks Cap bud

Dagnabbit Bob! New Gold Lantana and Silver Pony's Foot, I should have taken some cuddle time with him before I got started.

Another Heartleaf Scullcap because the blasted thing jumped the fence and is blooming in the front and back yard! Oh, ignore purple Crock...again!
Here's the rest of the list:
Prairie Verbena,
Blue Plumbago,
Russian Sage
Black and Blue Sage
Mealy Blue Sage
Butterfly Weed
Firecracker Fern
Shrimp Plant
Black berries
Mexican Mint Marigold
Culinary Sage
Cedar Sage
Crown of Thorns
Fall Obedient Plant (yes! early)
Lions Tail
Mexican Oregano
Cherry Sage
Blackfoot Daisy
Peruvian Lilly
Four O'Clocks
Apricot Sunrise Agastache
Nandina (I know, she's an invasive...I keep yanking yer up and she keeps on coming)
Oh, and inside my Peace Lilly is blooming :)
What's disappointing is that my artichoke doesn't look like it's doing much, my Datura is big and beautiful but has no buds, as is my Brugmansia, and none of my gigantic Sunflowers are up...though I'm seeing them all over town. I think that's it. Now, I've got to get out and do some work! I hope your world is filled with blooms!
Happy Gardening!


NellJean said...

What a long, dizzying list you have! Happy Bloom Day

ConsciousGardener said...

Thanks NellJean, and I just realized that I forgot Larkspur:)

NellJean said...

Larkspur is a grand annual, don't forget that. Paired with something yellow, or orange like California poppies, it just takes my breath away. Maybe we need 'Day after Bloom Day' where we can put in all we missed the first time around.

When I went back, I noticed the kitty in the ponysfoot. Cute. Between the cat and the puppy, it's a wonder I have anything.

katie said...

I LOVE the Bob the cat pictures! Those are hilarious!

Is the little bitty orange thing a marigold?


Linda/Central Texas Gardener said...

Love Bob and the crock! I'm amazed you have blooming thyme--very impressive. And lambs' quarters--going to add those to my list. I look forward to an ID on the mystery wildflower--it looks like a coreopsis of some sort. . .will check back.

Iris said...

Wow--that is a long list! Very cool. I, too, love the Daikini Bob pics, and I can't believe I haven't known about heart leaf skullcap until now. I think I need some!

sweet bay said...

Love the pictures of Bob. They're priceless. The flowers are great too!

Naturegirl said...

Having spent my winter in AZ I can just imagine how wonderful your garden grows in May! I only have to see the prickly pear blossom and wish I were still in obviously grow similar plants!
Now my favorite photos are those of:
your =^.^= Daikini Bob =^.^= ..since I am a cat lover!! =^.^= purr-Zzz

Lori said...

Wow, that's amaranth? Really?!! Where did you get it & what variety? I had no idea that the foliage was so decorative, and now I want to try it myself.

Also, I love the heartleaf skullcap. I've been having a hard time finding any for sale, and I really hope the bit of it I have in the back fills in as beautifully as yours has.

Lori said...

P.S. Your cat has totally cracked me up, especially his "pet me already, or you will feel my wrath, puny human!" face in the second pic. Hee!

ConsciousGardener said...

L-got the Amaranth at Barton Springs Nursery, I first found it at Gardens of the Ancients up North...they had it growing all over the property and I couldn't take my eyes off it...I have no idea what variety it is...they all looked the same when I put them inthe ground then two of them came out with that orangy color. Heartleaf Skullcap, I think should be listed as is all over at Zilker, I see it coming up in every bed and it literally crossed a wide path and then went over a 6 foot fence and established itself in my front yard too! I totally ignore it, except to pull it out and give it away!

ConsciousGardener said...

K-the little yellow thing next to Bob is a New Gold Lantana. It's so funny that you said "Bob the cat" that's what I call him...and my other male cat, called "Man the cat." They're both lovers!

Lori said...

Well, if you ever need someone to foist some heartleaf skullcap off on, just drop me a line. ;D

cat said...

oh what a great list!! and i love all the blooms. i happened upon your blog quite by accident through someone else's blog, and i have to say i'm so happy i found it! i am a newbie gardener, going on 2 years of solid gardening. i have alot to learn still but am so inspired by your posts and knowledge. i hope you don't mind me asking alot of questions down the road! haha

we live next to lake travis, not really in lakeway but right next to it. gardening is becoming such a passion for me since we bought this house. anyway, thank you so much for the garden love in your blog!

Bonnie said...

The onion shot is my favorite. and what the heck is that hanging on the fence. Looks like a baby eggplant.

Horselips said...

Hey Cheryl, another great post!!!

ConsciousGardener said...

Thanks for reading my blog Cat! I'll pop over and check out your space...and Bonnie! Good question! I have no idea what that is growing...we'll have to wait and see if it changes color!

Lee said...

Hmmm. I was really excited to plant my three small heartleaf skullcap plants, but now you have me nervous. I was hoping they'd spread, but it sounds like they are more aggressive than imagined. How bad is it? Easy to manage?

Love the blog, by the way.

ConsciousGardener said...

Lee, it's pretty easy to manage, they are soft and oily and they pull out easy have to make sure you get the runners.

They die back in the heat, they come up with more force in the fall...they are really pretty!

renee (renee's roots) said...

Wow, what a lot of blooms you have. Bob is quite the charmer. And your onions look great! Yum.

wm said...

I think that your blog is lovely!
I want my blog to be lovely with pictures as yours is someday soon.
The sooner the better. And the way the cat pops into view...flower, flower, flower,! is fun and funny.