Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has Sprung

We went to Boulder to take the girls snowboarding for Spring Break and I missed the GBBD but caught a few photos of the yard before and after. I've been having the hardest time staying focused this spring...or maybe it's every Spring...due to the wind, or that's my story. Anyway, it rained the day we left and then again today and I'm starting to feel like this is an actual spring and all. There is so much going on in the garden that I just have to share!

About ten years ago I bought a tiny plant in a 2 inch square pot and it was labeled "Desert Flower" it at the former Tex Zen Garden on Burnet. I've since found out that the real name is Hymenoxis or Four nerve Daisy. This is what 10 years of ignoring the little flower looks like. If you can't grow anything in a tough (notice it's right on the street) spot...try this beauty.
3 year old "Old Blush" climber on the porch has been blooming non stop.
This photo doesn't do the pinks justice...Indian Hawthorne, Oxalis and Autumn Sage.
The Heartleaf Scull-cap is knee high and spreading like an invasive species...we can't say that though since it's a's just a little aggressive.
Close up of the Cross-vine...I still don't know the difference between Trumpet and Cross?
The little side garden is plumping up...they're all transplants.
The peach across the street has 22 peaches...mine just put out it's first bloom...go figure?
Mexican of my favorites!
The Arugula gone to bloom along with Swiss Chard and Mustard greens
I love the onions bursting into bloom! Symmetrical perfection with an asymmetrical strip-tease.
My neighbor Hai's mother propagated these Loquats. It's the third year in the ground...right on time with the fruit! Yum, I can't wait to make jam!
The Cassia was blooming when I put it in the ground and has been blooming ever since.
Cheese and Wine Iris's, still no buds!
Spider wort.
Mini-pom buds.

Cross-vine gone wild! Each year it seems more spectacular!
Greg's little cousin Shelby and my hen Florance Jean.

My sweet Autumn Sage is so great with little kids! Shelby was very proud to have held onto Florence Jean...not an easy task!

Here's the mystery mold. Two mornings in a row this crumbly day-glo yellow slime showed up on my mulch not far from some mushrooms. I'd love to know what and why this is happening?
Anyone out there a mold fan?
Hoping for rain...Happy Gardening!


east-side-patch said...

Hi Cheryl.
I love what ten years have done for your Four Nerve Daisy - it looks great spreading around like that. I planted my first one last year, and plan to plant a lot more of this aggressive bloomer. It really is a fantastic "Hell-Strip" plant. Seems like your yard is right on timing with mine in terms of blooming, which is unusual as I am usually later than most Austin gardens, are you? I have my first mexican bush sage bloom this week also.
Enjoyed your post.

ConsciousGardener said...

Hey ESP,
My garden is a late bloomer as well...I think it's because I don't water too much! And, I forgot about that "hell-strip" term...what else works for you?

Cindy, My Corner of Katy said...

Cheryl, I absolutely adore the paint colors on your house and those yellow chairs are just poifect! Spring is looking lovely in your garden, hope this weekend's cool spell doesn't hurt anything. For the hell-strip, blackfoot daisy should work, too. I don't know the botanical name of that mold but its unlovely common name is dog barf fungus!

ConsciousGardener said...

Dog barf fungus eh? Now that's a name I can remember!

Bob said...

That picture of the little girl and the chicken is toooo cute. You can see in the picture it was a thrill for her.
Only 20 miles north of Austin, my garden is just a lttle later than yours. My Cross vine just started blooming and my Old Blush is just showing buds.

ConsciousGardener said...

My sister-in-law found a time lapse of the dogbarf mold on's over 5 hours and it's creepy! It looks like it's breathing...apparently, it's been seen all over town...ooooooooo