Sunday, February 22, 2009

Grow Green Festival

Sunday was the Grow Green Festival at Zilker Botanical Gardens and we introduced the new guide for Austin with some 45 additions including roses, succulents, agave's and palms. We had a nice turn out and the day was just beautiful! Here are a few shots of the Green Garden, which is the one I tend and is maintained not by Zilker but by the Watershed Department of Austin. It's a demonstration garden, featuring native and adaptive plants that have low water requirements.
The quiet spot...when I take a break from working, I sit here and meditate and wait for a hummingbird or butterfly or anole or something else just as magical to visit.
The intensity of this flower is unbelievable! One day I'd love to have a simple sage garden...because there is nothing simple about it, I have over 15 varieties at home.

This is the wildlife habitat that is maintained primarily by Wildlife Stewards...the pond needs some work but the critters don't seem to mind.

Just one of the beds...the first one I worked on a few years ago now when I was a volunteer.

This is a row of Rock Rose in front of Muhly Grass, I love the contrast in texture and can't wait for the roses to bloom!
Last year we removed Iron Plant from around St. Francis because we'd lost a tree due to the hail storm so he is now in full sun. Behind him are Wine and Cheese Irises...still waiting for blooms.

The February star, Flowering Quince...destined to please on Valentines Day every year!

The fabulous ever blooming creeping purple Lantana!

How many names can one simple flower have? Bitterweed, Four Nerve Daisy, Hymenoxys...I first bought it at the old TexZen nursery with a tag that read "Desert Flower" maybe that's why they're not around favorite is TDYF, or what gardeners call...flower.that damn yellow flower!
Butterfly Weed!

We have beaucoup Bulbine!

And, due to a super mild winter...the Mexican Honeysuckle made it with no frost damage at all!
Come by the garden sometime and say "Hi." Or better yet, volunteer with us on Thursday's and learn more about Green Gardening, Texas style!
Happy Gardening!


Pam/Digging said...

This garden inspired me when I first moved to Austin, Cheryl. I fell in love with Anacacho orchid tree there. It's all looking good. Thanks for your gardening efforts there.

ConsciousGardener said...

Thank you Pam. Sadly, we lost that tree last spring after the hailstorm...but, it's growing back from the roots!

Cindy, My Corner of Katy said...

I wish I could volunteer at Zilker on Thursdays ... it's just a wee bit of a commute, though! I love seeing what you're doing there.

ConsciousGardener said...

Thank you Cindy, I wish you could too...then we could go grab a Marg!

Anonymous said...

I was just at Zilker Botanical Gardens with my 2 young sons. We LOVED it. But I am sad to say I do not remember this area, I think we missed it! Can you describe which area of the grounds it is located?

ConsciousGardener said...

Alot of people miss it! When you first drive in and park at the clubhouse, it is the only garden to the right. there are big black rod-iron gates, you go through there! It's looking beautiful right now due to the rain!