Friday, July 18, 2008

Gecko Hollow

I haven't been great about writing this July in part because of the weather, but also because I've had my Mom visiting from Kansas City. I thought it would be a nice bonding exercise to take her out with me to garden and see what I do, so we swung by Howson Library where I recently began taking care of the beautiful Grow Green garden designed by one of my best friends, the
wonderfully talented Elizabeth Drozda. Then we went to the County Extension Garden to install new signs for the Master Gardener's garden where I recently created a gecko hollow, we are in the midst of becoming certified as a habitat with the NWF. Then we went over to Zilker to prune and care for the Green Garden there, part of the cities Watershed Project and also a new gardening venture. Although I didn't garden as a child much due to the gypsy nature
of my traveling family, we visited gardens throughout Europe and spent oodles of time in the Black Forrest camping and hiking and I have so many wonderful memories of spending time
in nature with my Mom.
This week I took my daughter with me to work in the gardens and we had some super adventures. At Zilker "Arnold the Armadillo" scurried out from a huge mound of purple cone flower and sent a shrill of terror and then delight through the garden as he made a crescent shaped path along the wall...we followed him quietly until he found his hole and went back under for shelter. Then we were visited by a nearly foot long skink which was chased down by two rabble rousing boys...the skink made it to safety, thank heavens.

If it's too hot in your garden, swing by Zilker and check out the beautiful blossoms and cool Japanese Garden and Koi's still relatively cool even by noon. Heck, take your Mom!
If you don't make her prune roses, she'll probably have a lovely time:) Or if she's into it, I'd love to put some volunteers to work!


east-side-patch said...

I really could have done with your chickens during my recent composting escapade! I had so many bugs they would have gone into a pecking frenzy!
check out my recent entry:
"Compost Diving"
Philip at East-Side-Patch (ESP)

ConsciousGardener said...
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ConsciousGardener said...

ESP, I'm unable to leave a comment so I'll just tell ya here and now...I love your garden journal, super fun! My oldest daughter puts on striped tights for the compost turn so she can easily see the critters if they get on her! Makes for a crazy visual...I should rent the chicks out:)

Bonnie said...

patty pan squash are so simple-
just chopped up and saute in olive oil with some salt and pepper!

robyn said...

I've been terrible about writing in july too! have a great time in California!

Also, I really love your photography!

thanks for visiting
austin urban gardener

east-side-patch said...

Hi Again.
What happens when you try to leave a comment? I have recently tailored my blog so that only the latest 10 blogs are visible - would you let me know if this now works? I would really appreciate it!
Oh and how much to rent out the chicks, I am about to empty another bin, they would not need to be fed for a week after that!!!

ConsciousGardener said...

Hey East-side,
Sorry for the delay, I've been on a fab adventure touring the National Parks of Utah, California and New Mexico! What happens is it tells me that I have to log-in and have an way to by-pass? Anyway, I love your stuff...I'm sure my girls would love to munch up yer bugs!