Monday, June 2, 2008

What's goin' on in the Garden?

White Yarrow
The first of the summer sunflowers
Celebrity lookin' gawgious!
Guess I'm making enchiladas for supper:) Lambs ear blossoms

Vadalia Onions we ordered the plugs from Omaha, Texas
Rock Rose from Helen's garden...
My lettuce gone to flower!

As you can see, there's still some love in the garden in spite of the heat . I walked out the front door to find these two lovers eye level on my front deck. Some folks just love Monday's.

I spent some time working on my deck this weekend moving pots out of the sun, cleaning up and preparing for what I end up doing most of the summer which is making yard art and working on hard scape. I have so many building projects that I want to do...but that always takes the two things we always seem to be short of...time and money. One of the projects I want to do is built an extension on the pergola to house my ever growing Lady Banksia who has outgrown the front porch and wants to veer westward. I want to put in a swing under the expanding structure and then extend the fence back toward the house in case she still needs more room to meander. The tree house also needs some attention, it was once build with found objects and garage sale items but they've since past. The chicken fence still needs some work and I have got to get to mulching and putting rock in the swale. The house really needs to be painted but that is way low on the priority list. I am longing for the cool days of Autumn but tickled to show you some of the bounty I collected this morning...Happy Gardening!

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l.e. said...

Lizard lovin' is great, love the garden pictures.

BTW, it's Ellen, one of your many neighbors. I don't see a contact email anywhere for you here (??), but my site is My etsy shop is the 'handmade artifacts' link.

Talk to you later! Rain!